I read JavaScript Cookbook and here are all the code (problems) explained by me

Instead of throwing all of them in a long article, which is hard to scroll through and read, I have small articles for each coding problem.

  1. Differentiating among JavaScript Object, Primitive, and Literal. (https://blog.nirmites.com/differentiating-among-javascript-object-primitive-and-literal)

  2. Extracting a list from a string! (https://blog.nirmites.com/javascript-extracting-a-list-from-a-string)

  3. JavaScript: Loose (== and !=) and Strict (=== and !==) Equality Operators (https://blog.nirmites.com/javascript-loose-and-strict-equality-operators)

  4. JavaScript: Inserting Special Characters (and Emojis) in the Strings (https://blog.nirmites.com/javascript-inserting-special-characters-and-emojis-in-the-strings)